Only together we can

Provide the hope families need in these traumatic and desperate times.

Starting Between November 1st 2019 and February 1st 2020 We Will Be Restructuring, Rebuilding and Re-branding Christians Purpose!

In order to serve the community better and build Christian’s Purpose to its true potential we will be rebuilding the entire organization. We thank you for your patience throughout the process and look forward to serving the greater community! Be on the lookout for bigger and better things coming from Christian’s Purpose in 2020!!!


Christian’s Purpose is dedicated to Bringing Hope Thru Desperation

Christian’s Purpose is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide hope in times of despair. Our focus is on providing families with the necessary resources to donate a proper burial for newborns and children that pass away due to illness or accident. We provide funeral assistance as well as caskets, memory markers and other services for families experiencing an overwhelming loss. Our goal is to alleviate the financial stress associated with these tragic losses.

Our programs also extend beyond after loss services by providing our local Children’s Hospitals with resources such as casting mold kits, blankets, gift bags for parents during holidays and much more. Feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated on our many community outreach initiatives. 

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— We Are One Of A Kind

We currently are the only 501c3 non-profit in the state that addresses these desperate situations.

— We Build Networks

We aim to bring together the necessary resources to alleviate the overwhelming stress the loss of a child can have on a family.

— We Provide

Our many programs provide financial resources to donate proper funeral services and supplies during the loss of a newborn or child. 

— We Donate

Our donations include resources for the local Children’s Hospitals as well as families in need after departure from the hospital with their newborn babies.

— We Provide After Care

Within our network we are able to refer the right aftercare grief programs for each unique individual and family.

— We Gift

Our Gift Give events provide necessary supplies and gifts during the holiday’s for parents while experiencing extended stays in the local NICU and PICU units of area hospitals.

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-Hannah S.
* In rememberance of Scarlett Ryan Abinette

Christians Purpose is a heartwarming, God-gifted, non-profit organization that helped me with the loss of my daughter. I was so broken and I didn’t know how to handle a situation like this, but Chelsea and Jesse Cobb provided me with amazing support, gentleness, comfort, wisdom and love and guided me along this journey. I am forever thankful. Christian’s Purpose has taught me that even though my daughter isn’t here, she will never be forgotten and has made a purpose for Me. As did Christian, the inspired Angel. When I felt alone and empty, God lead me to this blessing that he knew I needed to help me grieve and cope, and I am so blessed to have Christian’s Purpose in my life. I don’t know how I could of ever done it without you. Thank you for all that you have done for me in my time of need. I love you so much!!


-Sara A.                                            *Christian’s Reach


“………..As you learn more about his story, you’ll realize that Christian’s Purpose reaches far beyond even all of those who were blessed to meet him, his legacy lives on and will multiply in ways unseen- just as God designed. A more peaceful spirit you may never find as precious as Christian in my mind”


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Support us and change a family’s life today!


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