Blankets For Babies (Event)

We are currently seeking volunteers to make or donate baby blankets for the NICU @ UVA. Right now the funding allowance at the children’s hospital doesn’t always allow for quality Final Resting blankets. These blankets are mainly used after a newborn has passed, to present the baby to the parents as well as used in the babies final resting place. These blankets are also often kept as keepsakes for parents to have something special that will forever hold the memory of their precious baby. These are the little things that can be provided to help parents grieve and heal through the bereavement process. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most, the memories, the keepsakes, the friendly gesture that makes these tragic situations less overwhelming and give comfort in such a tragic event.

We are also seeking materials that can be donated for the purpose of making blankets. Giftcards can also be donated for other supplies needed in order to provide materials needed to sew, knit, and crotchet any remaining materials. At the end of the month we will then plan a get together of willing participants to make any blankets we can with materials provided.

We do accept gently used blankets which can be used in normal bedding conditions. These are the blankets that are used in everyday situations and tend to get soiled etc. The Final resting blankets are strictly used for newborns that pass but the others can be used for all the babies in the NICU.

This will be an ongoing event until further notice. Our event is posted on Facebook at the link provided below but unfortunately can only be posted for a two-week time frame by Facebook protocol. The need for these blankets is great. Any blankets provided over the amount alloted per timeframe for UVA will then be donated to other area hospitals within the state of Virgina with Neonatal units.

Our long-term goal would be to provide all the blankets needed throughout the state to every hospital with a Neonatal unit. We cannot do this without your help. Every bit helps and every volunteer is essential. You can be a guardian angel today and make the world a kinder tomorrow!

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Facebook Event Blanket For Babies

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