Butterfly Caskets


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“Butterfly caskets”  mission is aimed at providing quality caskets for our beautiful butterfly angels. In these troubling times, families are experiencing enough heartbreak and pain without having to have to worry about overwhelming costs of funeral services and expensive caskets. These unexpected costs can virtually devastate families financially while dealing with a heartbreak no family should ever experience. A high percentage of these families are unable to give their babies a final resting place and are forced to use the donated cardboard boxes donated by hospitals for burials, or even worse, provide no funeral at all. It’s hard enough having to see your baby in this state. No family should feel the pain of being unable to provide a proper resting place for their newborn or child. Christian’s Purpose is working with manufacturers to acquire these caskets at cost for our angels. It’s one less expense for families to bear. Then, and only then are they truly able to feel a sense of peace, knowing their loved ones have a proper resting place. We need your help. If you are interested in donating to Butterfly Caskets, please add “butterfly caskets” in the memo field at the time of your donation. It’s truly a blessing to fill such an impotant need in these heartbreaking situations, and we thank you for your support!


cardboard coffin
Although a nice gesture these cardboard coffins provided for indigent patients and low income families are the last things parents should see there child in.We provide respectful caskets to honor and respect our precious angels. We know even though its one of the most difficult situations a parent will experience, knowing their child is properly cared for and will rest securely will remove the guilt associated with the inability to provide a proper casket for their loved one.



We provide respectful caskets to honor the child and family. We know that in these final moments the importance of a proper and secure casket will remove any guilt associated with the inability to provide a proper resting place for their loved ones.