Community Support and Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like to help build an organization with a positive benefit within our community? Well now is your chance! Guardian Angels Are Needed!

          As we begin our first calendar year, community support is absolutely vital. With your support, we are effecting families in a positive way during and after the tragic loss of a newborn or child. Loosing a child is one of the most devastating and heartbreaking experiences one will experience. In order to help a parent or family member through the bereavement process, their environment needs to be stress reduced in order to focus on necessary healing. The emotional effect the inability to provide a proper service and resting place can have on a parent is immeasurable.  It will be a lasting memory that can produce an emotional scar and haunt them for the rest of their lives. By alleviating that financial struggle, it opens the door for a stronger more stable healing environment. Will you help alleviate some of that need? 

Right now more than anything, donations are needed to provide material and financial needs for these heartbroken families and their beautiful newborns/ children. Your donations provide the funding needed to provide funeral services, caskets, memorial markers, flowers and all costs associated with giving these babies or children a proper service. This in itself can help parents and families start a path to proper healing. 

Supplies can also be vital within our first year. These include, office supplies, gift certificates, gift cards, gift baskets, and any product or service that can be used in raffles and fundraising events. We also need volunteers to tend booths, tables and friendly outgoing people to spread the word at local events and venues throughout the year. Additionally we are looking for volunteers to make or donate baby blankets that will be used as final resting blankets.. Right now proper blankets are in short supply and definitely a need that can be fulfilled immediately You can find out more information about baby blankets and other supplies needed by the NICU here.

To create the proper foundation for an organization to strive we need people like you. Your kindness and generosity can make the world a better place.

Become a guardian angel today, and make the world a better tomorrow!