Family Funeral Relief Program

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We understand that while families are experiencing tremendous heartbreak or loss due to the diagnosis of newborn health issues or the untimely loss of their beautiful newborn baby, financial problems should be the last things on their minds. It is in these moments families should be able to focus on being there to support or spend time with their baby and loved ones. These are extremely difficult, overwhelming, and emotionally draining times, but the realities of life and monetary obligations don’t stop. If anything they build up, due to the loss of work hours and unexpected costs of health-related issues or final resting costs, not to mention costs associated with time spent in a hospital setting. There are options for financial relief, but usually not until something terrible happens and funding is extremely limited. It is our goal to focus not only on the after effects, but also while these terrible events are taking place, and even beforehand. The monetary expenses during these difficult times can be overwhelming, and we feel no family should have to worry about these costs while enduring one of the most difficult and heartbreaking times of their lives.

Your donations and support are dedicated to helping families deal with these unforseen expenses. The cost of the average funeral according to the latest national average can range between $5,000 upwards to $10,000. Although some funeral service providers discount services for babies they still require payment for the cemetary plot and the discounted rate of basic services that can costs between $3,000-$4,000. This does not include an upgraded casket if you feel the donated cardboard casket provided by the hospital is inadaquate. This also does not include a grave stone which ranges between $2,000-$4,000 for a basic marker. It is our goal to alleviate these costs for families that are already dealing with a terrible tragedy.

The average American family already hasdifficulty with the rising costs of healthcare, childcare, and a basic yearly budget. A terrible loss as this can financially ruin a family that is already struggling in today’s economy. Over 75% of American households would  be unable to financially afford the untimely death of a child let alone the cost of a respectable service for their baby/child. This is disturbing. As a parent we naturally want whats best for our child. The inability to provide a respectable service can and will leave a lasting emotional scar that would be immpossible to completely overcome. Together we can not only provide the respectable service these beautiful angels deserve, be we can help families by alleviating the possibilty of that emotional scar to ensure proper healing. This is the best gift or gesture that can be given to a family dealing with the tragic loss of a baby/child.