2018 Gift Give



2018 Gift Give for Parents of Children in UVA’s Children’s Hospital NICU and PICU

Tis the season for giving and we at Christian’s Purpose want to remember the families of the children undergoing treatment in UVA’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). While other organizations are gifting to the children themselves, we would like to provide hope for the families and parents of these special angels. It’s easy to overlook the parents themselves when thinking of the special children involved in these situations. We sometimes fail to realize  the intense struggle these parents endure, watching, waiting, worrying and praying for their children. The holiday’s can be hard especially when you want nothing more than to have your children home and healthy for the holidays. In 95% of these situations parents struggle with costs associated with care, travel, food and boarding all while losing time from work and family. We want to make sure these families are not forgotten. This year Christian’s Purpose will be providing gift bags with the help of donor sponsorship. With a small sponsorship donation, together we can provide light in a dark situation. A sense of hope through desperation, and a little inspiration that can go a very long way. With a small donation of $25 or whatever can be afforded a sponsor can provide the following……

santa nicu

1- Travel Tote Bag (To carry the many items needed while visiting their child)

2- “Our NICU Journey” Journal (To journal the many milestones, feelings and moments missed at home)

3- Gas Card (For much needed travel expenses)

4- Inspirational Devotional (for inspiration during the hardest of times)

5- Fleece throw (For comfort)

6- Disposable camera (To capture memories)

7- (Optional) A personal message of hope from you!

After much research the above items were among some of the most requested by families with children staying in the NICU and PICU. Even though many of the families feel the same and would sacrifice any of their needs and wants for their children’s comfort. These families travel from all over to see their children in UVA Children’s Hospital, which can put not only a financial but a physical and emotional strain on them in the process. That’s why we at Christian’s Purpose want to make sure these selfless individuals are not forgotten this holiday season. Even a small gesture such as this can make a huge impact! Help us shine a light in someones world this holiday season. With a average of 75 families with children in the NICU and PICU this is a small milestone that together we can accomplish!

To sponsor a family a small donation of $25 can be sent to:

Christian’s Purpose
Po Box 582
Palmyra Virginia 22963

Or through PayPal at the link below

You can also give a donation directly in the page link in the side bar, just don’t forget to add Gift Give in the comments with your special note of inspiration!

Gift Share Sponsorship

Donation to sponsor a family in the gift share holiday giving program