End of Year Giving


End of Year giving is approaching fast! Have you thought about donating to a worthwhile cause?

Christian’s Purpose can be that very cause that will dramatically impact someones life and show a world of compassion this holiday season! With all of the organizations out there, it is hard to decide; well hopefully this will help! Here is a checklist to think about while deciding on a worthwhile cause.

1- Does the organization serve an immediate need within your community?

2- How many organizations are doing the same thing within the community or abroad?

3- Will your donation go directly to those in need?

4- Does the organization have paid employees, board members, beneficiaries or a high overhead?

5- What percentage of your donation goes directly to the cause?

6- What impact will your donation make to a person/family in need this holiday season and through the New Year?

7- How much does the organization need your contribution?

8- Will the donation you make be matched to double the impact?

When choosing an organization to contribute to, these are very good questions to ask yourself. Besides, don’t you want your hard-earned money to make the biggest impact?

Christian’s Purpose serves a much-needed resource within the community. Being the only organization that provides these types of services in Virginia your contributions directly impact families that have lost a newborn or young child. Christian’s Purpose has no paid employees and 100% of all proceeds go directly to families of those in need. Not to mention the resources donated to area hospitals. You can make one of the biggest impacts in a person/families life this holiday season. The loss of a loved one, especially a young child can have severely effect a family especially during the holiday season. Together we can help alleviate some of the financial burden! Right now Christian’s Purpose needs your help. One of the most heartbreaking things is to have to turn a family away due to low donor outreach. So help make an impact today!

Don’t forget November 27th is Giving Tuesday and your donation will have double the impact if made through Facebook! So don’t forget to log on and make a difference this Holiday Season.  Facebook.com/christianspurpose

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Happy Holiday’s from Christian’s Purpose