Memorial Marker Program

With the rising cost of funeral and memorial supplies, the average cost of a grave marker or headstone averages between $2,000 and $5,000. This is an expense that is impossible for low-income and middle class families to bear. The importance of having a memorial marker for a parent/family is critical to the bereavement process. With the loss of a newborn/child, parents are left with “empty arm syndrome”. The importance of a grieving parent to be able to visit their childs burial site is immeasurable. Without a proper memorial marker the guilt of the inability to provide one for their loved one can add to the grief a parent/loved one feels. This can cause more emotional suffering. Christian’s Purpose is dedicated to helping families cope with such a devastating loss by alleviating the financial burden, as well as helping find proper support for parents and family members. We will personally work with each family to ensure they are provided a respectable and proper memorial marker for their loved one!