NICU Resource Funding

The nurses and staff on the neonatal intensive care unit go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the love and care of their tiny patients. The work done on this wing of the hospital at UVA is of utmost importance. It takes a very special person to tend to the needs of these beautiful newborns, with parental emotions ranging from immense joy to tragically overwhelming sadness.

Not only do they feel the joy of seeing their little angels make it through to become beautiful growing children, but they also share the pain of losing some of these tiny patients. They become very involved in the love and care of these beautiful babies and also feel overwhelming pressure and pain when one of their newborns pass away. They share these tragic moments hand-in-hand with loving parents and are there to tend not only to the needs of the patients but of the parents as well. There are times when newborns are tragically lost, and it is up to the angels of the NICU to be there to provide whatever’s needed to help parents and family deal with these heartbreaking events . It’s our goal to make sure the nurses and staff have all the resources at their disposal to turns these tragedies into memories parents will be able to use to heal through time.. Whether its access to photographers to provide family photos, ceramic molding kits for hand and feet molds, memory boxes, meals and lodging while staying close to their newborns, or anything that can help make these tragic circumstances more bearable. It’s our goal to help parents and families take away any good memories from their beautiful babies’ last days on earth. We feel these services are essential resources for families facing these tragic circumstances and can truly help with the grieving process. 

Right now a shortage of supplies and financial resources given to the NICU department limits the amount of funds provided for these situations. We need your help to provide these materials to give parents/family something to hold onto after their loved one has passed.


Hand and Foot Molds

casting kits

The loss of a child can be extremely difficult and the importance of a permanent keepsake is something that cannot be expressed in words. When the loss of a baby occurs in the NICU, these hand and foot molds are offered when available. As a parent of a butterfly baby I cannot express how much this simple gesture-token means to us as parents. Besides our babies final resting blanket these molds give us a permanent token,  a piece of our baby. A memorial piece we will be able to cherish forever. 

Unfortunately the cost of these kits are something the NICU doesn’t always have in their budget. Mostly, its through the kindness of the nurses themselves that provide these kits to parents. This is not always an option. Our goal is to provide a constant supply so the nurses can acquaint themselves with the process of making them, as well as being able to provide them to any parent that suffers the loss of a baby. We feel this is extremely important to the bereavement process of the parents and family. These kits cost anywhere from $20-$30 depending on the quantity at time of purchase. We are currently working directly with the manufacturer to acquire these mold kits at cost to Christian’s Purpose. If you would like to help provide one or more of these kits to the NICU please request that your donation be made to NICU resources/hand and foot molds.


Resting Blankets



We are currently seeking final resting blankets for babies in the NICU department. Unfortunately with complications babies face while in the care of doctors and nurses, blankets normally used can get damaged, stained etc.. At the time or after a baby passes, the compassionate nurses do their best to present these angels in the most respectful and presentable manner possible to the parents. This is an extremely heartbreaking and emotional time for parents as well as nurses. They do their best to show the utmost respect to these beautiful angels. This creates a need for blankets that can be used in the final moments parents have holding their child as well as a keepsake to take home. The last item that comforted their child can be a very emotional memento. As you can see these blankets are extremely important but are in short supply. We personally have knowledge that these blankets ,whenever provided, are kept separately for these exact circumstances. They are extremely special with a very important meaning. We are currently seeking volunteers that enjoy making blankets as well as funding to purchase these blankets. If this is something you or your community group are interested in and would like to volunteer, please contact us using the form on the contact page or feel free to email us at and add Blankets in the subject line. If this is a program you would like to donate to, please add blankets as the memo option while making your donation and we will be sure to designate your donation strictly for this purpose. Thank you for your support.