Outreach Projects

Through our multiple outreach missions, our goal is to provide families with all the resources needed while dealing with one of the most painful tragedies any loving parent will ever experience. We truly believe these moments should be met with a compassionate and understanding helping hand. Meanwhile families should only have to focus on the immediate matter “their loved one”. Our hope is that through our multiple outreach projects, our mission will truly be fulfilled. Our projects include but are not limited to:

  • Butterfly Caskets– Caskets provided to families struggling with the costs associated with providing a proper coffer for their loved ones
  • Family Financial Relief Program– Providing families with the necessary funding to provide a proper service for their loved ones as well as costs associated with lost wages, hospital stays and anything pre and post diagnosis or death
  • NICU Resource Funding– Funding provided for NICU programs designed to help provide peaceful surroundings in the event of tragic diagnosis of newborn babies as well as programs designated to help loved ones deal with the grieving process
  • Memorial Marker Program– markers provided to families at no cost. We believe having a proper memorial for a parent/loved one to visit is essential to aid in the healing process
  • Perpetual PlantingsWith the kindness provided through Maintained by Mike LLC. every family serviced through Christian’s Purpose will have the ability to have a tree donated in their child’s honor.
Christian’s Purpose is dedicated to helping families in these overwhelming and heartbreaking moments. Its our hope that by alleviating the financial burden a tragic loss can create, we can benefit families in a way where psychological healing can then become the immediate priority. The guilt associated with the inability to provide a proper service, casket, marker etc., can have lasting psychological effects on a parent. One that can leave an emotional scar for the rest of their lives. Once the financial burden has been lifted we can then point parents and families in the direction of our many suggested grief counceling groups. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any of our programs. You are more than welcome to fill out the form on our contact page and we will gladly send information packets regarding any of our community programs. Thank you very much for your support!!