Perpetual Plantings

tree butterflies

The Perpetual Plantings Program is designed to give everlasting memory to a designated butterfly baby. Christian’s Purpose will plant a tree for every child and family that is serviced through our funeral and financial relief programs. All saplings will be provided through the kindness and generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Pickwood at Maintained by Mike, LLC. These beautiful and everlasting mementos will be planted either in the families designated area, or at the discretion of Maintained by Mike and Christian’s Purpose. All families will not only have the choice of where the trees will be sown, but will also have the opportunity to choose the type of sapling as well. This thoughtful and generous gift will give families the chance to not only experience its growth, but provide a place to visit with beneficial healing opportunity for years to come. A positive experience that can potentially help not only the bereavement process, but give a positive outlook to such a tragic loss. We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Pickwood for their kindness and anticipate a beautiful partnership for years to come in the Perpetual Plantings Program!