I did’t expect to meet baby Christian that morning; after all, I’d only met his mother in passing at church the weekend before. Little could I understand how much he would touch my heart. As I spent that hour by his bedside getting to know his mother, trying to be supportive of a sister in Christ whom I had only just met, my heart was filled with love for Christian and his family. His presence was so peaceful for a boy in so much pain and discomfort. He seemed to respond to voices with his eyes and make faces and movements just as any other newborn, but God did not intend for Christian to be just like any other newborn.

As you learn more about his story, you’ll realize that Christian’s purpose reaches far beyond even all of those who were blessed to meet him, his legacy lives on and will multiply in ways unseen- just as God designed. A more peaceful spirit you may never find as precious Christian in my mind.- Sara Adair , Palmyra Va

Sara Adair