Interested in Volunteering?

"It is rewarding to know that the amount raised from events is a significant contribution to the charity's fundraising. I am glad to be apart of something so necessary and beautiful"
Tim S.

Whether you are a student looking to gain credit and experience through volunteering, or someone who would just love to make a difference in their community, we at Christian's Purpose would love to hear from you!

Through the years Christian's Purpose has been blessed with the opportunity to work with the best volunteers within our community. These Angels have truly made a difference and made it possible to further our mission. We love working with individuals from all walks of life and look forward to the possibility of working with you as well!

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Interested in Corporate Sponsorship?

Please feel free to contact us through our corporate sponsorship form and we will get back to you as quick as possible. We would love to set up a meeting to discuss partnership opportunities. Our goal is to team up with area businesses to work together in order to make the community we live in a better and brighter place. Whether it be monetary support or volunteer opportunities for you employees, there are many ways we can work together to help those in need within our community. We look forward to hearing from you!