Providing Relief in the most difficult of times.


— We Are One Of Kind

We currently are the only 501c3 non-profit in the state that addresses these desperate situations.

— We Build Networks

We aim to bring together the necessary resources to alleviate the overwhelming stress the loss of a child can have on a family.

— We Provide

Our many programs provide financial resources to donate proper funeral services and supplies during the loss of a newborn or child. 

— We Donate

Our donations include resources for the local Children’s Hospitals as well as families in need after departure from the hospital with their newborn babies.

— We Provide After Care

Within our network we are able to refer the right aftercare grief programs for each unique individual and family.

— We Gift

Our Gift Give events provide necessary supplies and gifts during the holiday’s for parents while experiencing extended stays in the local NICU and PICU units of area hospitals.

Our Programs


Funeral Relief Program 

We understand that while families are experiencing tremendous heartbreak due to the untimely loss of their beautiful newborn baby or young child, financial problems should be the least of their worries.. It is in these moments families should be able to focus on being there to support or spend time with their loved ones. These are extremely difficult, overwhelming, and emotionally draining times, but the realities of life and monetary obligations don’t stop. If anything they build up, due to the loss of work hours and unexpected costs of health-related issues or final resting costs, not to mention costs associated with time spent in a hospital setting. It is our goal to focus not only on the after effects, but also while these terrible events are taking place, and even beforehand. The monetary expenses during these difficult times can be overwhelming, and we feel no family should have to worry about these costs while enduring one of the most difficult and heartbreaking times of their lives. Our funeral relief program provides much needed funeral costs for memorial and cremation services as well as cemetery plots. These services provide financial relief during one of the most devastating times a family will ever face. 

Butterfly Casket Program

“Butterfly caskets”  mission is aimed at providing quality caskets for our beautiful butterfly angels. In these troubling times, families are experiencing enough heartbreak and pain without having to have to worry about overwhelming costs of funeral services and expensive caskets. These unexpected costs can virtually devastate families financially while dealing with a heartbreak no family should ever experience. A high percentage of these families are unable to give their babies a final resting place and are forced to use the donated cardboard boxes donated by hospitals for burials, or even worse, provide no funeral at all. It’s hard enough having to see your baby in this state. No family should feel the pain of being unable to provide a proper resting place for their newborn or child. Christian’s Purpose is working with manufacturers to acquire these caskets at cost for our angels. It’s one less expense for families to bear. Then, and only then are they truly able to feel a sense of peace, knowing their loved ones have a proper resting place. We need your help. If you are interested in donating to Butterfly Caskets, please add “butterfly caskets” in the memo field at the time of your donation. If interested in sponsoring an entire casket please give us a call directly. It’s truly a blessing to fill such an important need in these heartbreaking situations, and we thank you for your support!

casting kits

NICU Resource Funding

The nurses and staff at the NICU go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the love and care of their tiny patients. It takes a special person to tend to the needs of these beautiful newborns. Not only do they feel the joy of seeing their angels make it through to become beautiful growing children, but they also share the pain of losing some of their angels. They share these tragic moments hand-in-hand with parents, and are there to tend not only to the needs of the patients but to the parents as well. There are times when newborns are tragically lost, and it is up to the angels of the NICU to be there to provide whatever necessary to help parents cope with these tragic losses. It’s our goal to make sure NICU staff have all the resources at their disposal to help parents in their most vulnerable and devastating moments. Whether its access to photographers, hand and foot mold kits, memory boxes, meals or anything that can help make these tragic circumstances more bearable. It’s our goal to help parents and families take away any good memories from their beautiful babies’ last days on earth. We feel these services are essential  for families facing these tragic circumstances. A shortage of supplies and financial resources given to the NICU departments limits the amount of funds provided for these situations. We need your help to give parents/family something to hold onto after their loved one has passed.

Perpetual Plantings

The Perpetual Plantings Program is designed to give everlasting memory to a designated butterfly baby. Christian’s Purpose will plant a tree for every child and family that is serviced through our funeral and financial relief programs. All saplings will be provided through the kindness and generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Pickwoad at Maintained by Mike, LLC. These beautiful and everlasting mementos will be planted either in the families designated area, or at the discretion of Maintained by Mike and Christian’s Purpose. All families will not only have the choice of where the trees will be sown, but will also have the opportunity to choose the type of sapling as well. This thoughtful and generous gift will give families the chance to not only experience its growth, but provide a place to visit with beneficial healing opportunity for years to come. A positive experience that can potentially help not only the bereavement process, but give a positive outlook to such a tragic loss. 


Memory Markers

With the rising cost of funeral and memorial supplies, the average cost of a grave marker or headstone averages between $2,000 and $5,000. This is an expense that is impossible for low-income and middle class families to bear. The importance of having a memorial marker for a parent/family is critical to the bereavement process. With the loss of a newborn/child, parents are left with “empty arm syndrome”. The importance of a grieving parent to be able to visit their childs burial site is immeasurable. Without a proper memorial marker the guilt of the inability to provide one for their loved one can add to the grief a parent/loved one feels. This can cause more emotional suffering. Christian’s Purpose is dedicated to helping families cope with such a devastating loss by alleviating the financial burden, as well as helping find proper support for parents and family members. We will personally work with each family to ensure they are provided a respectable and proper memorial marker for their loved one!

Gift Give Programs

Our holiday Gift Give programs supply families, specifically parents of Children in our local children’s hospitals with much needed inspiration during the holidays. Parents with children in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Units experience tremendous strain mentally, emotionally and financially. It is our goal to alleviate some of this strain by providing gifts of inspiration as well as much needed supplies to help them through their long stay in a hospital setting. These gift include but are not limited to: Gas and food gift cards as well as gift certificates. Journals to record the their children’s progress. Special gifts and treats, as well as reusable storage bags and inspirational materials. *Other items added depending on season. These thoughtful items are provided through sponsorship of public and private resources.

Your donations and support are dedicated to helping families deal with these unforeseen expenses. The cost of the average funeral according to the latest national average can range between $5,000 upwards to $10,000. Although some funeral service providers discount services for babies they still require payment for the cemetery plot and the discounted rate of basic services that can costs between $3,000-$4,000. This also does not include a grave stone which ranges between $2,000-$4,000 for a basic marker. It is our goal to alleviate these costs for families that are already dealing with a terrible tragedy.

The average American family already has difficulty with the rising costs of healthcare, childcare, and a basic needs. A terrible loss can financially ruin a family that is already struggling in today’s economy. Over 75% of American households are unable to financially afford the untimely death of a child let alone the cost of a respectable service. This is disturbing. As parents we naturally want the best for our child. The inability to provide a respectable service can leave a lasting emotional scar. Together we can not only provide a respectable service these beautiful angels deserve, but we can help families by helping to provide the proper environment for healing. This is the best gift or gesture that can be given to a family dealing with the tragic loss of a child.


Support us and change a family’s life today!


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