Corporate and Business Sponsorship


                       Current and Immediate Needs

             As we enter our first calendar year our needs are not only immediate but plentiful. Of course, monetary funding is essential to establish a strong foundation as well as a stellar fundraising program. Unfortunately, without a financial jumpstart it will be extremely difficult to create a strong marketing and fundraising platform. As of now funding is being provided by the board with 100% giving but can only go so far. Community support through local businesses and corporations are essential to our survival. Right now, we are the only organization in Virginia focusing on this need, so the importance of community support is vital. We ask that if you have a community grant program, that you please consider our organization as a top priority. Funding is desperately needed to further such a necessary cause within our community.
             Of course, gifts in kind (supplies, merchandise) are also of immediate importance. Being our first year, building a solid foundation is of utmost importance. Without proper structure and supplies, focusing on growth and strengthening our organization will be difficult. Not impossible but difficult. We believe so strongly in our cause that our resolve is unwavering. We are determined to create a lasting organization that will build strong ties within our community. Merchandise in the form of products, gift cards, etc. can be used in silent auctions and other fundraising events that can generate funds for the organization. These items are also in great need. Any help received will be greatly appreciated! We hope to build a lasting quality relationship with any business or corporation that decides to partner with Christian’s Purpose.
             100% of donated funds, grants and merchandise go to further our cause and are strictly allocated to benefit our mission. There are no paid members, professional fundraisers or staff employed by Christian’s Purpose and absolutely no member of the board is directly benefited from funding. We pride ourselves on our open book policy to present how all funds are distributed. In addition to our policy stated within our bylaws, agreement forms can and will be provided upon request.
             Building trust with our corporate and business partners is of extreme importance and one of our most important fundraising policies. At any time, we allow corporate sponsors access to our budget to see exactly how their funds are distributed within the organization. We feel this is necessary to establish and maintain unwavering trust within our corporate relationships. We are aware that many corporations and businesses already have fundraising programs in place. We also realize that CEO’s, area, general, and store managers are obligated to work within those strict guidelines. We wholeheartedly understand and respect corporate and business policy. In the instance that a business or corporation has not set fundraising policy in place, we have compiled a small list of examples for fundraising programs that can benefit not only Christian’s Purpose, but the sponsor business/corporation as well.
             We thank you for your valuable time and appreciate your consideration in partnering with Christian’s Purpose. Our partnership will make the community a better and brighter place for those benefited through this necessary mission. These precious angels deserve the respect of a proper remembrance. These families do not deserve to be buried in financial ruin while dealing with such a tragic loss. Let’s work together for these beautiful deserving children and memorialize these angels together!

                                   How you can help

Community GrantsOne-time monetary donation to further Christian’s Purpose. This provides necessary funding for families in need of funeral and support services among other outreach programs
Corporate Community Fundraisers (checkout charity)A great way to create a positive image for your business by showing your involvement with a great community cause. A highly effective fundraising opportunity for a designated period that will benefit Christian’s Purpose without your business having to personally allocate funds for charity purposes. Fundraising at the point of sale(checkout)
Matching Gift Program Providing the opportunity to get employees involved in community giving. Usually the business/corporation will match employee contributions at a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1. This boosts company morale by involving employees and making them feel like they too are making a difference within the community. Christian’s Purpose will demonstrate a presentation to employees and create an internal campaign.
Gifts in Kind -Non Cash Donations, Supplies, merchandise or gift cards provided to Christian’s Purpose to supply our organizations current needs or merchandise to be used within a fundraising event, silent auction, or to raise funds to further Christian’s Purpose financial and outreach programs
Automatic Payroll Deductions Another great way to include employees in corporate giving programs. This enables the employee to personally decide an amount to be withdrawn from their paycheck in a lump sum or over a time period. This benefits Christian’s Purpose by providing funding necessary to further its mission.
Annual giving program A monetary donation usually at the end of the year after the company/corporation decides on what can be budgeted for charity purposes

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities please send a request with “fundraising packet” in the subject line to You will receive an electronic copy immediately, hard copies are also available upon request within 1-2 business days. Please provide number of copies requested and a valid mailing address. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you!