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A team experienced and dedicated

Our experienced and dedicated board knows exactly how child loss can effect a loving family. Each of our Board of Directors is either a parent of an angel baby, or works directly in a field that experiences child loss on a regular basis. Our direct ties to the NICU  within Children’s Hospitals enables Christian’s Purpose to remain in constant contact and knowledge of the specific needs of parents and families experiencing these devastating losses.

Hello my name is Jesse Cobb and I grew up between New York and Florida, finally making a home in Virginia in 2010. Originally a carpenter by trade, my career focus has transformed after the loss of our precious son. I am currently enrolled at Liberty University in their Graphic Design program and will be entering their Masters program for Visual Communication. I love art and helping others through tough times. I have always had a heart for giving back to those in need, growing up in a tough upbringing myself. After the loss of our son Christian, I knew why I had researched nonprofit organization over the past 4 years. I have been led to this powerful mission for a reason and am extremely blessed to help those who need these services the most. I am honored to have our son’s name live on through Christian’s Purpose 

Jesse S Cobb

President / CEO

Greetings, my name is Chelsea Cobb. I am Christian’s mommy. I have been a CNA for 12 years mainly working in senior care facilities. Feeling the need for advancement I am currently attending PVCC to become a surgical technologist. I plan to continue my education to become an RN as well. I enjoy photography to which I am self taught but plan on taking photography classes through my current course plan. You can ususally find me with a cup of coffee making silly jokes. I am probably one of the biggest goofballs you will ever meet, but I like to enjoy life. Life is too short to be serious all the time. My socks never match, my hair is usually a mess but I am a kind loving and understanding person. Appearance does not define a person! Life experiences mold us into who we are, you can let them hold you down or you can use them to build yourself and others up. After the loss of our beautiful son Christian, I was determined to build myself up, as well as my sons name and not let the experience ruin me. Again, life is too short to not enjoy every moment the best you can!  

Chelsea L Cobb

Vice President

Hi! My name is Sara! I have been working in the NICU at UVA Children’s Hospital since 2014 as a Registered Nurse. I started working at UVA right after graduating college, and I absolutely love it there. In 2017 I was awarded The Daisy Award and nominated due to a very special case, which just so happened to be regarding the care of Christian. When I’m not at work I love to spend my time with my sweet puppy, and I love traveling. My goal is to make it to all 50 states within the next five years! I am so blessed to have met Chelsea, Jesse, Kiah, and Christian. Chelsea and Jesse were amazing parents from the start, despite being faced with the most difficult decision a family would ever have to make. I was honored when they asked me to be a part of this wonderful organization made in Christian’s honor! 

Sara A Rieman

Director of NICU Services

Currently looking for one more Board Member to complete the team. If interested in serving a great purpose please give us a call!


The Story of Christian’s Purpose

After losing a beautiful newborn son in October of 2017, the Cobb family knew something had to be done. The lack of financial help to families suffering not only the harsh diagnosis of a rare birth defect, but the unfortunate loss of a newborn baby boy was lacking. After searching and reaching out to every possible avenue the family was financially devastated, as well as emotionally drained. This is when the mission became clear. Through the heartbreak of loss, hope blossomed into a necessary mission. A mission that would soon become Christian’s Purpose.

We are now in our second year with a hopeful goal of establishing strong community ties and a solid organization. One that is aimed at providing funeral services as well as other financial help to families suffering the loss of a newborn baby or young child. With the cooperation of local funeral homes, cemeteries, florists and other post mortem services Christian’s Purpose alleviates the biggest burden families will have to face while suffering the loss of a cherished family member. Not only do we work with the families to provide services, but we are there through the entire process. We remain by the side of grieving families to ensure proper care is taken as well as after service support is provided to help the bereavement process. Being there throughout the entire process establishes trust, provides a safe and stable environment, and ensures that families receive the proper support through one of the most tragic situations.

When a parent loses a child, they lose a piece of themselves, a pain that can never be described in words. To try and describe the emotional torment and absence of mind would be impossible. Financial help is just the beginning. We are there to point families in the right direction and help find grief share programs that are right for the individual situation and person. We serve as a point of contact to maintain trust and create a safe space for the parent/relative to feel safe entering a support environment. We stay with them for as long as needed. No other organization commits themselves this way, that is the difference between Christian’s Purpose and other organizations.

— Our Mission

Christian’s Purpose is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide hope in times of despair. Our focus is on families dealing with the loss of newborn babies and children due to life threatening illness, defects and tragic accidents. We provide funeral assistance as well as other financial assistance programs providing caskets, grave markers and supplies for low income families and extreme cases of financial stress. Our many programs ensure the proper and respectful care these angels deserve as well as assistance for parents and families dealing with the accompanying grief.

— Our Vision

Our vision is one of compassion. A program where no family has to experience the financial stress the loss of a child can add to a devastating situation. We are dedicated to advocating for those that no longer have a voice. To educate our community on the overwhelming need for such programs within our state and nation. Our ultimate goal is the formation of dedicated cemeteries across the state and nation to honor our beautiful angels and the alleviation of any financial stress associated with child loss.

— Our Values

At Christian’s Purpose we value the lives of our clients and especially their angels. We aim to honor those loved ones that have been taken too soon. We strive to support families that have lost a loved one the best way possible and advocate for those that are struggling through these heartbreaking times. We value the lives of the families we serve and respect the confidentiality of our of our clients. 


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